shake1 [ ʃeık ] (past tense shook [ ʃuk ] ; past participle shaken [ `ʃeıkən ] ) verb ***
▸ 1 make quick movements
▸ 2 get rid of problem etc.
▸ 3 when voice sounds weak
▸ 4 make less strong etc.
▸ 5 cause fear/emotion
▸ 6 escape from someone
1. ) intransitive to make many quick small movements up and down, or side to side:
Houses shook as a bomb exploded in the neighborhood.
a ) intransitive if you shake, your body makes many small quick movements that you cannot control, usually because you are cold, or you are feeling a very strong emotion:
shake with fear/laughter etc.: She was literally shaking with fear.
b ) transitive to move something quickly up and down or side to side:
An earthquake shook a wide area of southern Italy last year.
Shake the dressing well before you put it on the salad.
c ) transitive to hold someone and move them quickly in order to get their attention, or wake them:
You're not listening! she cried, shaking him.
2. ) shake or shake off transitive to get rid of something bad such as a problem, illness, or fear:
She couldn't shake her fear of snakes.
3. ) intransitive if your voice shakes, it sounds weak, nervous, or emotional:
His voice shook as he asked her to marry him.
4. ) transitive to make something less strong, powerful, or confident:
The news shook financial markets worldwide.
Violent conflicts between tribes have shaken the region.
5. ) transitive to frighten someone or cause them to feel strong emotions:
The boy's tragic death shook the entire community.
He was shaken and upset by the accident.
6. ) shake or shake off transitive to escape from someone who is following or chasing you:
They ran into the alley, hoping to shake their pursuers.
shake hands (with someone) or shake someone's hand
to hold someone's hand and move it up and down several times as a way of greeting them or showing that you agree to something:
Nice to meet you, Larry said, shaking my hand.
shake in your boots/shoes
to be afraid of something:
The movie was so scary I was shaking in my boots.
shake a leg SPOKEN
used for telling someone to hurry:
Shake a leg! The bus leaves in 15 minutes!
shake like a leaf
to shake a lot, for example because you are cold, nervous, or afraid:
Put on a sweater you're shaking like a leaf!
shake on it MAINLY SPOKEN
used for saying that you want to shake hands with someone in order to show that you both agree to something:
Lance held his hand out and said, Let's shake on it.
shake someone's belief/confidence/faith
to make someone doubt something that they were sure was true:
Nothing could shake Mary's confidence as an athlete.
shake your finger (at someone)
to point your finger at someone and move it up and down quickly as a way of showing that you do not approve of what they are doing:
You had better be careful, Dad said, shaking his finger at me.
shake your fist (at someone)
to shake your closed hand in the direction of another person as a way of showing that you are angry at them:
The two drivers began yelling and shaking their fists at each other.
shake your head
1. ) to say no by turning your head from side to side:
My boss shook his head and I knew not to ask again.
2. ) to show you do not understand something by turning your head from side to side:
She just smiled and shook her head as they sat and discussed hockey.
,shake `down phrasal verb
1. ) transitive AMERICAN INFORMAL to get money from someone by threatening them:
Police are watching for gangs who shake down unsuspecting tourists.
2. ) transitive AMERICAN INFORMAL to search a person or a place very carefully
3. ) transitive to test something new, for example a system, vehicle, or machine, in a situation similar to the situation it will be used in
4. ) intransitive INFORMAL to become organized after a period of confused preparation
,shake `off phrasal verb transitive
1. ) same as SHAKE1 2:
I haven't been able to shake this cold off for weeks.
2. ) same as SHAKE1 6:
I tried to shake off whoever was following me.
,shake `out phrasal verb transitive
shake something out/shake something out of something to shake a cloth, sheet, piece of clothing, etc. so that dust and dirt fall off:
The housekeeper should have shaken the dust out of the rug.
,shake `up phrasal verb transitive
1. ) to upset or frighten someone by shocking or surprising them:
A series of robberies has shaken up residents of the neighborhood.
2. ) to make changes in the way a company is organized so that it is more effective or successful
shake 2 [ ʃeık ] noun count *
1. ) the action of shaking:
give something a shake: John grabbed the gift and gave it a shake.
a shake of the head (=movement of your head from side to side in order to say no to something): No, Mrs. Callison said with a firm shake of the head.
3. ) the amount of liquid or powder that comes out of a container when you shake it once:
shake of: Add three shakes of garlic salt.
4. ) the shakes INFORMAL uncontrolled quick movements of your body that you make because, for example you are sick, nervous, or have drunk too much alcohol:
have/get the shakes: She got a bad case of the shakes before the show.
in two shakes (of a lamb's tail)
very quickly:
I'll be back in two shakes of a lamb's tail.
no great shakes INFORMAL
not very skillful or impressive:
I tried hard but I was no great shakes at boxing.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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